Child actors turned adult lawyers

Jeff Cohen from The Coonies

Cool story about child actors that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol.

(via Yahoo) Many assume that any former child actor who is no longer in the public eye must be a complete and total mess. That assumption may be depressingly accurate much of the time, but it doesn’t apply to Jeff Cohen, known to many as Chunk from “The Goonies.” Cohen turns 38 years old on June 25 and has plenty to celebrate.

Though we imagine plenty of people still associate the actor with his role as the chubby sidekick in the 1985 kid flick, Cohen left acting behind long ago. He now earns a living as an entertainment attorney at a firm that bears his name. Several years ago, he was named one of Hollywood Reporter’s Top 35 Executives Under 35. In a 2011 interview with Bitter Lawyer, Cohen says he enjoyed his time in “The Goonies,” but he found his real passion in entertainment law. Read entire story here.


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