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Believe it or not, I struggled with the theme of a “world without books.”  Catastrophic was the word that kept coming to mind.  I don’t want to sound like a drama queen but how do you capture the end of civilization brought on by the stagnation of our imagination in a pithy little blog post? I mean it’s like asking me to write about not breathing.

We would all be drones living in little pods if not for the doorways to distant worlds that books unlocked.  I tend to believe that the great minds of our time would be stymied because without books, without a record of what was done, what could be done and what we dreamt of doing, would they even venture to explore the impossible?

The need to express ourselves, to share our stories is something ingrained in us, look at the cave paintings.  Even when there were no words or paper, we found a way to record our lives to seek out shared experiences.

I remember reading my first Judy Blume book and finding a kindred spirit, discovering Madeleine L’Engle and exploring different worlds. How many times did I wish I could step on a crack or find a secret passage way into a new world? Certain stories helped me to believe in the possibility of things and sometimes that’s all you need to get through the day.

Growing up, I was a true bookworm. Devouring as many books as possible, I used the library like it was my own personal bookshelf.  I checked out the maximum amount of books allowed, only to return them a week a later, and scour the shelves for more hidden treasures. At that age, you’re searching for some unnamed thing…adventure, a purpose, a persona and books allowed me to try on different lives without any consequences.  I think I experienced my first kiss somewhere in the pages of Forever.

Sometimes another’s words would capture exquisitely whatever I was going through (I must, I must, I must increase my bust- anyone remember that line?) and I found comfort in knowing someone else understood. What books from your childhood do you think had the biggest impact on you?

Not having books would be like clipping our imagination and giving civilization a massive dose of lithium, no longer able to explore distant lands real and imagined. Civilization would be stunted without the ability to record, revise (and sometimes reinvent) history. What the heck actually happened in Area 51?

A world without books would be like the earth not having the sun to revolve around.  Books anchor us to our past and also allow our imaginations to soar at the same time. In a world without books, it would be like never having someone ask, “what if?”

(And because I live in Los Angeles, it goes without saying, a world without books would mean there would be very few movies to watch because so many of them are adaptations!)






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